The word "Kimeba" is derived from two words: my last name, Kim and Ameba.

It represents a living single-cell creature that knows nothing but designs and my prolific fertility to get
across my design work to the entire world.

Design needs comprehensive knowledge. But what's more, I think it is to inspire a variety of sensibilities.
I intend to look at daily things and behaviors with a new eye, with intuitive thinking. Made in this way, the design project will have enjoyable vitality, so as to draw sympathy from everyone.

Yongjin Kim
Freelancer Product Designer

2010 IF Concept Award, Winner, where is my seat?
2009 Seoul Design Competition, Iron Haechi Prize & People's choice Award, switch
2009 iida; green life, Shortlist entries, shift
2008 Opus Design Award, Winner, flowerpot