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folderfolder _note cover / Oct. 2012

This note cover was made based on the symbolic form of folder. The concept of folder for storing documents was applied to the note cover. It stores a note neatly and also convenient carrying of writing tools. Harmonized with the symbolic form of folder and the usability of a note and writing tools, this note cover was designed to have universality and uniqueness.

  what should we wear?

what should we wear? _tag / Oct. 2010

An image of clothes, handbags, or accessories is displayed on a paper tag, which can be used to dress up dolls. A paper tag that usually becomes useless after a product is purchased can become a tool to try out different combination of clothes and accessories. Children can cut out the image from a tag and dress up dolls with it. This enables a fun experience of communication between parents and children.

where is my seat?

where is my seat? _ticket / Nov. 2009

Did you ever have a difficult time looking for your seat by referring to a passenger ticket? Seat identifiers are in small numbers. It is extremely inconvenient to find the right seat by simply relying on visual information alone, such as numbers or alphabets written in small characters. When a great number of people have a hard time finding their seats all at the same time, the narrow hallway becomes crowded in just a few minutes. 'Where is my seat?' adds spatial information to existing tickets to address such inconveniences. It helps people of all ages and gender find their seats.


switch _wall socket / Mar. 2009

'Switch' derives the users' intuitional and emotional approaches by adding a user-familiar interface to the power socket and that is "power symbol". It is ideal to unplug the power codes every time after use for the energy conservation purpose, however it would not get unplugged smoothly, so that the users tend to leave them plugged due to inconvenience. 'Switch' takes a new way of operation; simply turning it, as plugged in, will work to open or close and this replaces the conventional way of plugging and unplugging. Also, the operation that the power gets on only by completely plugging and turning the power switch, can prevent the electric shock accidents by the infants sticking in the steel bars and the possible fires caused by the loosely plugged power codes.


shift _refrigerator / Mar. 2009

Although groceries that are frequently used in daily life are limited, refrigerator doors are indiscreetly opened and closed, leading to user inconvenience and unnecessary waste of energy. When the refrigerator door is opened, cool air flows out and warm air flows in according to how wide the door was opened, resulting in increased use of electric power. A change has been made simply to the form of the partition between the refrigerator and freezer to create another small refrigerator located at a height that ensures easy access to objects inside. Users can store frequently-used groceries in this space, and conveniently open and close the door of the small refrigerator to take out and put in groceries.


flowerpot _eyeglasses / Jul. 2008

In daily lives, we sometimes need glasses momentarily: for example, when we check mails or do our business at a bank for a moment. 'Flowerpot' combines the petal-shaped lenses, so making up farsighted or nearsighted glasses. Unlike general glasses, it is also valuable as an ornament even when not in use.