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  folderfolder_ A6
$59 USD

vegetable tanned cowhide
fits up to A6 note_105 x 148mm
Brown Color
shipping and handling
$15 USD
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  This note cover was made based on the symbolic form of folder. The concept of folder for storing documents was applied to the note cover. It stores a note neatly and also convenient carrying of writing tools. Harmonized with the symbolic form of folder and the usability of a note and writing tools, this note cover was designed to have universality and uniqueness.
  Vegetable-tanned leathers are natural leather materials that have gone through an environmental-
friendly process based on using natural tannins extracted from vegetable ingredients such as barks,
leaves, and roots. They initially feel a bit stiff. With use, however, they grow soft and naturally tame and
acquire a natural shine. Since vegetable-tanned leathers assimilate to the traces of the users' living, they build a deeper attraction among the users reflecting the users' unique individuality as they age.


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